Saturday, August 29, 2009

Game On - A Selection Of Board Game Cakes

From simple to complicated there are game-inspired cake ideas out there for everyone. I've posted a few below that I ran across recently. If you're starting out, and especially if you have young children, then the Candy Land cake is a great idea. After all what kid wouldn't like a cake decorated with loads of candy? You simply take a sheet cake and frost it in buttercream and then use candy to portray the game itself. Think candy canes, Starburst, gum drops, life savers and more! Use little Dum Dum lollipops to make baby trees and perhaps an upside down ice cream cone covered in white buttercream to make a snowy mountain. The Operation and Monopoly cakes shown below are definitely more complex but very clever. Let me know if you run across any game-inspired cakes out there!

Candy Land cake courtesy of Taste of Home.

Operation cake courtesy of The Cake Fairy.

Monopoly cake courtesy of Patty Cakes.


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